Avant is a DJ and producer based in Cologne. As an experienced and talented DJ, he put himself on Cologne’s underground scene map. Avant is a determined person, a realist who is always striving for perfection. Tough on the outside, soft on the inside: After having proven his power, straightness and appealing coolness, he suddenly reveals creedal passion, sensitivity and intimacy. His strong personality as well as his charismatic stage presence combined with a passion for distinctive melodic techno result in sounds, that invite the listener to surrender completely and immerse in a world of thoughtlessness.

In addition to his musical education and many years of experience, he found his own place in the electronic scene with a wide and relevant network and a precise understanding of all facets of production. Role models such as Adriatique, Denis Horvat and Colyn have a lasting influence on the sound of Avant. Pure narcotic bass lines, dynamic rhythms and captivating harmonies create lasting and intense memories for the listener. All of this perfectly describes the unique sound of Avant. Already a regular at famed clubs like Gewölbe, Heinz Gaul and Reineke Fuchs his first three original productions have found home on Brian Cid’s New York based label ENDANGERED and were released as “Empathic” EP in 2020.

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  • 17012020 — HEINZ GAUL — CGN
  • 05202020 — GEWÖLBE — CGN
  • 04032020 — GEWÖLBE — CGN
  • 21032020 — REINEKE FUCHS — CGN
  • 16052020 — REINEKE FUCHS — CGN
  • 25072020 — REINEKE FUCHS — CGN
  • 19092020 — REINEKE FUCHS — CGN
  • 21122020 — REINEKE FUCHS — CGN